Vacancy: local representative of iXYt GmbH, local agent. Part-time and full-time

If you are involved in advertising, producing, organizing public events, renting bicycles, scooters or cars, food delivery or taxi service, sightseeing, museum, exhibitions or fair activities - think about it! You have the opportunity to promote your business without additional costs and at the same time receive additional income. It is advisable to live near or directly in the city of said events or shows.

 Vacancy: Manager of in Country / CITY Jobs in Germany

Requirements: an account in one of the social networks popular in the area, the ability to organize a group with a given name in it and update its contents at least once a week. Sociability and initiative will not interfere.

About the company. iXYt GmbH has created and is developing a global system for visual reporting of various events directly on the map of the area. It includes the website and the iXYt mobile applications, the database of which collects information from the largest aggregators of ticket sales for entertainment events.


The iXYt global platform is so far the only one of its kind on the planet. Therefore, you have the opportunity to be the first: to advertise “your” events in our system for free and earn money by charging advertising fees from organizers of other local events that are not in our database. In addition, the system makes it possible to gently advertise (and you make money on it) the aforementioned related services - car rental, scooters and bicycles, food delivery and taxi services, guides, guides and escorts.

Job: representative in the CITY!

Responsibilities: To create and update at least once a week in one of the social networks a group or page with the name, for example, and regularly introduce “local” events into the system.

Payment: up to 80% of the money earned from local events and services advertising at Country/City page remains at your disposal, the remaining 20% will go towards maintaining and developing the infrastructure.
We are just starting, therefore, while the vacancies are in the cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, and others, specify, do not be shy!